Media Advisory

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc. wants to do everything it can to be accessible and helpful to all members of the media.  In order to accomplish that goal, GWISR has certain team members designated to speak to newspaper, television or radio reporters.  Those people are: CEO Jane Nichols, VP of Mission Services Kim Cantrell, VP of Finance and IT Terry Reis and VP of Operations Mitch Grossman.  If you are a reporter working on a news story, the best way to get the information you need is to contact our Communications Department.  Their number is (762) 208-4393. They will ensure that you get the information and/or interview that is needed.  GWISR employees are not permitted to provide information to the media, as this is a violation of our documented media policy, and may result in the termination.

Jane P Nichols Biographical Sketch

Media Release Form:


Platform(s): Photography Video Audio

Media Type(s): Publications Print Television Radio Web


Event Location:

I, ________________________________ , give consent to be interviewed, photographed and/or

videotaped by________________________________________________________ .

I also agree that Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc. may provide the name of the subject to standard broadcast media outlets, publications, and websites for the purposes of this article/photo/videotape, indefinitely, And, further, the subject will not accept any monetary payment in return for this service and aforementioned rights.

Subject Signature: __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________________

*IMPORTANT - The original of this form must be kept with the subjects permanent file in the People Services Dept, for employees, or in Workforce Development, for trainees.

Please return a copy of this form to:

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers, Inc.
2601 Cross Country Drive, Building A
Columbus, GA 31906
Attn: Marketing and Communications