"I enjoy working; before that I was kind of depressed because I couldn't work and I was just sitting there watching TV all day."


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  “The career center staff has been awesome. They have screened applications for us and given us a rundown and recommendation on each person.  We are extremely pleased.”

Dish Network
Human Resources Representative


   Jitt Sepulveda was born and raised in the Philippines. In December 2004, he decided to join his wife in America and moved halfway around the world to a country he had only heard about. The move was daunting. Jitt knew very little about the English language and he wasn't qualified to work in the United States. For nearly a year and a half, he depended on his wife for everything. Finally in 2006, the U.S. Government granted Jitt permanent residency, allowing him to seek employment.

   Immediately, Jitt looked to his local Goodwill Career Center for help. The Career Center's staff worked with Jitt matching local job opportunities with his own skills and interests. Within one week, Jitt had an interview with a local company. “I never expected that I would get the job because I have no idea what it’s really like to live here in the U.S.” Through the communication skills he’s developing as a result of gaining competitive employment, Jitt is learning more about the American way. Each day his English improves and his confidence grows.


Services for Individuals

Goodwill's Career and Success Centers provide FREE assistance to anyone seeking employment. Services include assistance with resume preparation, job leads, and referrals. Computers, faxes, and phones are free of charge allowing individuals to connect with employers. Goodwill funds its Career and Success Centers by selling your gently used donations in its retail store.

Services for Employers

Goodwill’s Career and Success Centers also offer employers modern, first-class facilities conducive to all types of business gatherings. Our qualified, professional staff will work with you to plan and schedule events. They’ll even assist with employee recruitment. Best of all, you save because facilities and services are free!

Use the Center to:

• Prepare an effective resume with guidance from staff
• Use computers and online job banks to search for jobs
• Fax and email applications and resumes
• Conduct business focused research using the resource library
• Make copies
• Use phone to call employers
• Connect with staff to provide job referrals and job leads

The result is that anyone, no matter their age, economic status, educational background, or place of residency can visit Goodwill's Career and Success Centers and receive supportive employment services. Once employed, these individuals contribute positively to their respective communities, easing unemployment and poverty.

Take a Tour

Our staff would be glad to give you a tour of our facilities and discuss your employment needs. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Career Center Locations:

Albany, GA
2015 N. Slappey Blvd.
Albany, GA 31701 
(229) 317-0970 
Auburn/Opelika, AL
3740 Pepperell Pky
Opelika, AL 36801
(334) 275-4815
Carrollton, GA
1301 South Park St.
Carrollton, GA 30117
(678) 839-5923
Columbus, GA
2601 Cross Country Drive
Columbus, GA 31906
(706) 324-4366
Columbus East
6707 Flat Rock Ct.
Midland, GA 31820
(706) 341-4724

Newnan East
3121 Hwy 34 East
Newnan, GA 30265
(678) 854-6839

Newnan West
228 Bullsboro Dr.
Newnan, GA 30263
(678) 423-3562
Phenix City, AL 
3605 US Hwy 431 N.
Phenix City, AL 36867 
(334) 664-9716
Valdosta, GA 
1000 N. St. Augustine Rd.
Valdosta, GA 31601 
(229) 253-0763










Work Adjustment
Up to a 6 month program where individuals work alongside Goodwill employees to develop essential work behaviors. Case managers and job coaches guide individuals to ensure progress and work to eliminate employment barriers such as lack of transportation or childcare. Clients also receive assistance with interviewing skills, resume preparation, job searching, and more.

Custodial Training Program
A 4 week commercial cleaning training program certified by Spartan Chemical Company’s Clean Check Certification Series. Through hands on experience and classroom instruction, participants receive 5 certifications in blood-borne pathogens, restroom cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard floor care. Classes on topics such as leadership, time management, and money management are also taught. 

Work Evaluation 
A 10 day program where an individual’s skills and work behaviors are evaluated to determine employability. Oral and written assessments are completed in conjunction with hands on work. Upon completion, clients are referred to other Goodwill services or other agencies.

Retail Training Program
A 3 week training program designed for individuals interested in the retail industry. Studies emphasize quality customer service and team building. Participants also receive hands on and classroom instruction on operating a cash register, pricing, and stocking.

Job Coaching
A service whereby job coaches work one on one with an individual showing them how to perform a particular task. The client is then guided to perform the job alone, allowing them to become self-sufficient. Job coaching can be provided as a standalone service at the client’s place of employment or in conjunction with any of Goodwill’s job training programs.

Summer Enrichment
An 8 week work experience program for teens. Participants work alongside Goodwill employees developing essential work behaviors. Case managers and job coaches guide the individuals to ensure progress. Classes incorporating such topics as money management, job interviewing, future career and education planning, and health management are also taught. Participants are referred through Vocational Rehabilitation.



"I'm very happy I came here. That's what I tell my mom. It's the best thing that could have happened to me."

"I'm very happy I came here. That's what I tell my mom. It's the best thing that could have happened to me."

   Darrell Marshall never envisioned that he would ever feel helpless. He had a good job, a car and his health, but in one day, he lost it all. “I ran a stop sign when my breaks failed and hit a tree head on,” Darrell recalled. The accident crushed one of Darrell’s legs so severely doctors had to reconstruct it with pins and a rod. They told him he would never be the same. “My doctor said I wouldn’t be able to do construction work anymore,” said Darrell. In debt and with nothing to fill the void, Darrell was referred to Goodwill’s Work Adjustment Training Program. “I was thinking…this isn’t going to work,” he said, “How could Goodwill benefit me?” But it did. “It gave me something to do everyday,” Darrell added. It also helped pay the bills. As a participant in the program, Darrell was paid for the hours he worked.

   More importantly, the training program inspired Darrell to have faith in the one thing he needed to believe in most, himself. “I didn’t have a car or transportation to work so I had to ride my bicycle,” he said. The exercise rehabilitated Darrell’s leg and made him realize his injury was not a hindrance. Confident and proud, Darrell expressed immense appreciation for the help he received, “I think it’s a miracle that Goodwill exists.”

   As a result of the Work Adjustment Training Program, Darrell also completed Goodwill's Custodial Training Program. He found two jobs and with his savings was able to buy a car. He hopes to one day buy a modest home. Two bedrooms and two baths he said would suit him just fine.



Individuals and families are provided access to a cost effective means of replacing destroyed items or items that are needed, but not easily affordable through traditional retail outlets.

How do I get a voucher?

Vouchers are only available through agencies or organizations that have established a partnership with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers.

For more information, please email Mission Services.

The Result

Utilize the Center for:

• Meetings
• Training
• Orientations
• Interviews
• Recruitment Fairs
• Conference Calls
Utilize the Staff for:

• Publicize Positions
• Pre-Screen Applicants
• Refer Candidates
• Distribute Applications
• Arrange Interviews
• Arrange Recruitment Fairs
We Provide:

• Conference Rooms
• Telephones
• Classrooms
• Fax Machines
• Overhead projectors
• Staff assistance

Each year Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers distributes up to $50,000 worth of vouchers across its 50 county region in Georgia and East Alabama. Community agencies and organizations whose mission addresses social and economic crises as well as natural disasters, as first responders, distribute the vouchers on behalf of Goodwill.

Partners qualified to distribute Goodwill vouchers can include, but are not limited to:

• School counselors
• The Red Cross and other community agencies
• Department of Family and Children's Services
• Religious service providers

Through Goodwill's partnership with the local Red Cross, Jacinda received vouchers redeemable at Goodwill stores.

"I've never been in a fire before. I didn't know what I was going to do. When Goodwill explained the vouchers and how they could be used, I was so excited. I don't think words could ever say thank you enough."

Workforce Development and Training Programs:

Goodwill offers a variety of financial services at its Success Center in Columbus, GA. These services are in addition to all career services. Through education and one on one coaching sessions on various financial topics, individuals are empowered to develop customized solutions to improve their financial situation.

Financial Services for clients:

• Apply for benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid
• Create a budget and spending plan
• Pull your credit report, read it and determine ways to improve your score
• Sign up for a financial services class
• Learn how to buy a home
• Apply for student loans and learn how to pay for college
• Find out how to open and manage a bank account
• Have your taxes prepared and resolve outstanding IRS account issues*
• And more…

* Income limit and restrictions apply. For more information about the FREE   Tax Preparation program, please select one of the following links   depending on your location.

  Inside the Chattahoochee Valley
  Outside of the Chattahoochee Valley


Financial Services
Albany, GA
2015 N. Slappey Blvd.
Albany, GA 31701
(229) 317-0970
Columbus, GA
2601 Cross Country Drive
Columbus, GA 31906
(706) 324-4366
Workforce Development and Training Locations:   "I've never been in a fire before. I didn't know what I was going to do. When Goodwill explained the vouchers and how they could be used, I was so excited. I don't think words could ever say thank you enough."Jacinda Johnson had finally settled into her apartment, decorated and had everything just the way she liked it. Pictures of family and friends adorned her bedroom walls; her work clothes hung neatly in the closet. Then in a flash, her life changed.

   Just one spark and a neighbor's call to 911 is all it took. In a matter of minutes, flames stemming from the apartment next door erupted through the roof. Police officers and fire trucks quickly filled the street. Jacinda was unaware her apartment was in peril until she returned from work and found fire hose lines scattered across the street.

   When it was over, she discovered much of what she owned had been destroyed either by fire or water damage. "I didn't know how I was going to replace these items because it took me so long to purchase them in the beginning," she said. Through Goodwill's partnership with the local Red Cross, Jacinda received vouchers redeemable at Goodwill stores. "I purchased bedroom furniture, a mattress and box spring, pots and pans, dishes and towels," she said. "I don't think words could ever say thank you enough."
Goodwill Partners How the Vouchers WorkThe vouchers are:

• Similar to gift certificates
• Can be redeemed at any store operated by Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers Inc.
• Can be used to purchase anything: clothing, housewares, furniture